Storm Water Detention Systems

Storm Water detention system specialists - above ground, cost effective and looks great.

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Storm Water Detention Systems

Changing the way people think - its hard to believe the above lovely pictures are actually a storm water detention systems isnt it? In this case the Landscape Tanks are used above ground but they may also be buried or half buried for fantastic results.

Using the classy quality Landscape Tanks as above or below gound storm water detention systems has the potential to save customers a great deal of money and look great in the process delivering a stunning result. They are ideal for use as on site detention systems for developers and home owners alike and provide a great alternative to often difficult to install and costly underground systems. When buried up to the level of the planter top the planter tops may be included for your landscaping green areas for new developments.

Landscape Tanks on site above or below ground detention systems come with their own structural engineering drawings do not require footings (great for rocky areas eliminating costly excavation works) and best of all they can be installed in a day and used for several tasks at the same time saving on further costs.

Use them for such things as water tanks - BASIX, retaining walls, front fences, detention systems and even around the pergola or swimming pool (see water fetaures and outdoor kitchen options as well) for stunning results. You can even incorporate you water storage and also detention tank requirements in the same tanks.

They look really attractive and have planter boxes on top, for growing of a range of attractive plants, as standard so no actual garden space is lost (only raised) for convenience.

They are incredibly versatile and even this retaining wall may form part of the ODS (on site detention system) or even a front fence depending upon requirements.

The high grade concrete (50 mpa) , 2.5 tonnes for the standard unit and 4.0 tonnes for the large unit,

Landscape Tanks are very fast and easy to install, saves money and are beautiful Landscape Architecture that stores water.

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